Oman Export Week To Build on Overseas Trade Success

Oman Export Week To Build on Overseas Trade Success

Muscat - Exporting continues to grow across Oman, according to recent government figures with local firms exporting US$8.2bn worth of non-oil commodities in 2017, up from US$6.2bn in 2016.


Commenting on the increasing contribution of non-oil exports to GDP, Taleb Al Makhmari, Marketing & Media Director General at Ithraa – Oman’s investment promotion and export development agency – and organizer of the upcoming Oman Export Week said: “Internationally-engaged, businesses and entrepreneurs are doing great work right across the Sultanate, reaping the rewards of trading with global customers and creating jobs and powering economic growth for the nation.”


He added: “So more businesses can enjoy the same success in overseas markets, Ithraa has organized Oman Export Week, 2 – 6 December at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, giving local firms inspired by these recent positive trade figures support to start their own exporting journey, or expand internationally.”


Stressing that the Oman Export Week is practically based and highly interactive, involving 15 workshops and over 25 presenters, the five-day program is designed to address real world export issues, Al Makhmari expressed his belief that there are multiple opportunities for every type of local business that has the ambition and desire to invest in exporting.


“There are a huge number of local businesses, of all sizes, that have exportable products and services, ranging from confectionary, textiles, cosmetics, automotive spare parts and sanitary ware to technology, design and consultancy. What we need to do is to excite them about the opportunities that are out there. We also need to break down the myths people have about why they shouldn't export. Hopefully, that can be achieved through the exciting program of workshops we’ve put together for Oman Export Week."


“Exporting doesn’t happen overnight,” pointed out Al Makhmari, “but the number of Omani success stories, especially among businesses that didn’t think there was any demand for their offer, is truly inspirational.”


Free of charge and open to businesses and entrepreneurs from all sectors, Oman Export Week will take place at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre, 2 – 6 December 2018. It is supported by Riyada, Asyad, NCSI, Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Madayn, NBO, Credit Oman, Oman Daily, Merge 104.8 FM and Times of Oman, helping Ithraa bring export opportunities to as many Omani companies as possible.


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