Non-oil & Re-export Trade

GCC and Asia are the two largest export markets for Oman and were estimated at US$8.4bn and US$6.1bn in 2014. The two regions together make up approximately 79% of Oman’s total non-oil export and re-export market.

No.1: GCC
export market for Oman estimated at US$8.4bn
No.2: Asia
export market for Oman estimated at US$6.1bn

Trading Partners

China, India and Pakistan

China, India and Pakistan are among the 32 countries in Asia who import the most non-oil merchandise goods from Oman and combined are worth nearly US$4bn

The UAE & Saudi Arabia

The UAE and Saudi Arabia are Oman’s largest export markets among the GCC countries and together account for US$7.5bn in non-oil exports and re-exports.

The United States, Australia & Netherlands

The United States accounts for 70% of the America’s export market. Australia for 93% of the Oceania market. Netherlands for 39% of Western Europe’s market.

Trade Levels

Oman’s exports have grown year-on-year and more than quadrupled between 2000 - 2013. Mineral products, chemicals and base metals constitute respectively 30%, 23% and 18% of total non-oil exports and represent Oman’s top three non-oil exports.

Mineral Products 30%
Chemicals 23%
Base Metals 18%

Trade Liberalization

Oman’s trade tariffs are the lowest among the GCC countries, providing inward investors with a low-cost trade environment.

The Sultanate ranks in the top 30 countries worldwide in terms of non-tariff trade liberalization and
3rd in the GCC this means investors will face less barriers such as quotas, restrictions and licensing issues.