Non-oil & Re-export Trade

GCC and Asia are the two largest export markets for Oman and were estimated at 8,262 Billion  US Dollar and 4,054 Billion US Dollar  in 2018. The two regions together make up approximately 85.4 %  of Oman’s total non-oil export and re-export market.

No.1: GCC
export market for Oman estimated at 8,262 Billion US Dollar.
No.2: Asia
export market for Oman estimated at 4,054 Billion US Dollar.

Trading Partners

# Partners Details
1 India, China and Iran are among the 32 countries in Asia who import the most non-oil merchandise goods from Oman and together are worth nearly 2,264 million US.
2 The UAE and Qatar are Oman’s largest export markets among the GCC countries and together account for for 4,678 million US in non-oil exports and re-exports.
3 United States 69.2% in America export market.
4 Australia for 83% in Oceania market.
5 Netherlands for 35.8 % of Western Europe's market.

Trade Levels

Oman’s exports have grown year-on-year, that from 2008 to 2018, an increase of 6.45%. Manufactured goods classified chiefly, chemicals, and Machinery and transport equipment constitute respectively 22.4%, 20.6% and 19.6% of total non-oil exports and represent Oman’s top three non-oil exports.

Manufactured goods classified chiefly 22.4%
Chemicals 20.6%
Machinery and transport equipment 19.6%