August 2018

Innovation .. Collaboration is essential - failure is a regular visitor

Innovation: (noun) a new idea, device, or method; the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods. Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary
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July 2018

Engineering Serendipity

There is a very old folktale that dates back to the Sassanid Empire about the Three Princes of Serendip, who travelled the world, making discoveries. These seemed to be accidental, but the discoveries were reinforced by the princes’ wisdom in recognising and taking advantage of these apparent accidents. During the 18th century the art historian and antiquarian Horace Walpole brought the word “serendipity” into the English language based on this story, in which the heroes were “always making ...
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June 2018

Social Media: 12 Things to Consider

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you looking for more leads, greater brand awareness, conversions, or brand engagement? Understanding what you’re trying to actually do with your social media presence should be the first step in developing a stronger social media strategy
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May 2018

When You Think About Design What Comes to Mind? Chairs? Iphone? Hotels?

I’m originally a product designer who majored in lampshades and bicycle stands. I started my early career in Government 10 years ago designing digital learner journeys for young people to improve their access to build their skills and careers and researching the link between public service delivery and policy. This was a very unusual career move for someone from a creative industries background, at the time there was little discourse on design as a serious proposition for public sector innovati...
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March 2018

Are We Really Witnessing a Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Across the manufacturing world, there is much talk of us being in the middle of a ‘new industrial revolution’. We have already had three of these revolutions: the first used steam power to move us beyond human and animal power for making and moving things; the second delivered production at a mass scale; and the third brought computing and robotic capabilities to enhance production. The fourth revolution offers the promise of multiple benefits from digital connectivity throughout all our chain...
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January 2018

Exports Matter

Exports matter because they represent the very sectors that drive wealth, attract investment and talent, boost productivity and innovation, and generate employment. Industry accounted for 47.6% of Oman’s GDP in 2017 and our non-oil exports were over US$6.2 billion. Today, Omani firms are exporting to over 135 countries.
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November 2017

Work Ethic, Professionalism, Productivity, Competitiveness 22% Increase, 41% Reduction

In the 21st Century, we’ve gone from connected to inter-connected to inter-dependent. Whether you work in government or business, we’re rising and falling together. It’s no longer what you do but how you do what you do that matters most. We’re talking work ethic, professionalism, productivity, national competitiveness.
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October 2017

Cities Drive Competiveness

Consumers and businesses around the world turn to reports for information on many of the goods and services they buy and produce. Likewise, investors turn to reports that evaluate how cities and countries perform. London’s Monocle magazine rates the best city to live in. New York’s Fortune magazine rates the best cities for commerce and the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Competitive Index Report rates the competitiveness of nations.
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September 2017

It’s All About Soul

Creating a strong brand in today’s global and digital economy is becoming increasingly difficult. Just think about it, Joe Consumer is being bombarded with marketing messages from every angle, every waking hour of every day. Whether it’s TV, highway billboards, radio, newspapers, magazines, or WhatsApp messages offering deals on Japanese four-wheel drives. All of this noise is really confusing and as Joe Consumer tries to interpret what he’s being fed; he’s become ever-more sceptical. In sho...
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