We offer a portfolio of confidential support services to companies interested in growing or establishing their business in Oman. Choosing to work with Ithraa as a partner will create real opportunities for your business

Our local intelligence helps companies save time, money and effort, this results in a faster, smoother, more successful move

Market intelligence based on your specific requirements

Dedicated Support
A dedicated account manager to support the development of your investment or export project

To government, business support organisations and experts in areas such as:

  • Research
  • ICT
  • PR
  • Marketing

Organize Visits
aimed at meeting

  • Decision makers
  • Key areas of interest

Relocation Advice
such as availability and cost of commercial property

  • HR for staff recruitment and training

Government, business and finance

We have a lot to offer

From headquarters and back-offices to manufacturing and logistics we boast some great reasons why you should invest, move and relocate here.

Oman is the ideal location for businesses interested in the growing markets of the Gulf, Asia and Africa

Oman offers people and businesses an outstanding place to live, work, invest and visit

We are a young, ambitious and talented nation that is looking to make its mark